DIY Sun-Dyed Cyanotype Paper Designs

DIY Sun-Dyed Cyanotype Paper Designs

Hi creative souls! Are you looking for a craft that will get you (and your kids) outdoor this summer, and is fun and easy?! AND, you'll actually want to keep it after - and perhaps, frame it. Then, keep reading...

What you'll need:
  • 2 sheets blue cyanotype paper
  • Baking sheet (or cardboard or other flat item you can transport)
  • Paper towel
  • Photo frame (or sheet of plastic/acrylic/glass)
  • Leaves & flowers
  • Sunshine
  • Water




Choose a sunny day for this craft! First, go outside and take a big gulp of fresh air. Next, gather leaves, flower petals, branches, and whatever else you think will leave a pretty design imprinted.


Once you have all the leaves & etc. you’d like to use, you can start to arrange your design. To assemble:
1.) Lay down your baking sheet.
2.) Lay your blue paper on top of the baking sheet.
3.) Assemble your leaves & etc. on top of the blue paper.
4.) Remove the plastic sheet from your photo frame, and place the sheet of plastic on top of your leaves & etc (this will keep them from blowing off when you place the design outside).


Now it's time for your design to sunbathe. Carefully carry your design outside and place in the sun for about 8-12 minutes. The longer you leave in the sun, the whiter the outline of your leaves will become


Carry your design back inside, remove the plastic sheet, and rinse the paper under gentle water for about 30 seconds.

Step 6: AIRDRY

Set out your paper to dry. The paper will bleed a bit of blue dye, so we recommend placing a paper towel or sheet of newspaper (or the tissue paper that came in your box) under your design while it dries.

Step 6: ADMIRE!

Once dry, you can either hang as is or frame. A deliciously simple craft complete! Step back and admire your work. Remember, it's all about enjoying the creative process. Don’t criticize your work: it's perfectly imperfect. Love it, cherish it, or at the very least, gift it to a family member. Lastly, help inspire others to create: take a picture, upload to Instagram/TikTok/Pinterest and use the hashtag #papercloudsescape.
You can watch a video tutorial here:
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