Collection: Half Moon Wall Circles

In this DIY (do it yourself) craft kit by Paper Clouds, you will receive instructions and all the materials you need to create Half Moon Wall Circles. For a limited time, we are offering a standalone craft pack, or a party pack, in addition to our regular combo craft kits. Click on the links below.
    Half Moon Wall Circles

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    • Floral Resin Coasters

      So much color! We love this coaster set made by one of our talented customers.

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    • Terrazzo Candle

      Such style! These candles will go with anything but we love how this customer styled this one.

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    • Shibori Tie-Dye

      Your Friends: "Where did you get this beautifl tablescape?! You: "I made it!"

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    • Terrazzo Clay Jewelry Bowl

      We love this color combo! There is so much you can do with clay.

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